Welcome to 034my page! I’m a teacher and scholar of French, having earned my Ph.D.  from the Department of French and Italian at Emory University in 2015. I am currently an instructor of AP, Honors and Advanced French at The Lovett School. Over the last decade I taught French language, literature, and culture to students of all ages and various levels, previously at Georgia State University, Emory University, Agnes Scott College, and occasionally Alliance Française d’Atlanta.

I believe that language learning is important for much more than speaking in a foreign country: beyond its communicative purpose, language is uniquely situated between right-brain creative skills (idioms are a perfect example) and left-brain analytical skills (grammar), making it (in my opinion) the best “brain exercise” for developing one’s ability to navigate between these two types of tasks. When teaching, my primary goal is to help students see French for much more than just communication: I want my students to understand how language shapes our world and our perspectives. In my classroom, students advance through language acquisition while using meta-cognitive reflection – essentially, actively thinking about how they are learning – to visualize their improvement and develop learning strategies.

I invite you to discover my work on this website, or through my profiles at Academia.edu, About.me, and LinkedIn.