Guest Post for Agnes Scott’s D-Center Blog

This month I was invited to share my thoughts on the importance of process with the Agnes Scott community via the D-Center’s blog. In our fast-paced world, we rarely think about the creative process behind the products we consume on a regular basis, but anything of value requires a relentless trial-and-error development period. For example, since our society relies on updated technology, the creative process is all the more important as developers constantly seek to improve platforms, apps, data, and digital devices.
Guest Post picThese are some of the issues I reflected on in my blog post, which tied into my interest in archival research and textual genetics as a means of re-tracing the steps an author followed to produce the published text. When we pull back the veil of a “finished” product, we see layer upon layer of writing and revising… leading us to question what we really mean by “finished” when it comes to creation and invention.