I’d like to share some of my favorite teaching resources with you here. These are but a few links that I have frequently used in classes or shared with students.

Promenade nocturne à Marseille – a fantastic simulation experience for students. I have used it in language classes to teach culture, diversity, and stimulate conversation. In evaluations, students stated that this was one of their favorite elements of my course.

3-D Paris through the Ages – a video featuring 3-D models of Paris, from the Gaulois settlements to the forum of Lutèce, through the kings and revolution, the universal exposition, and up to present-day.

Francophonie – the site of sites for all things related to the francophone world.

A Guide to the French Revolution – easily-worded and yet thorough description of key events and figures of the French Revolution. In English, though…

RFI Savoirs – news website for Radio France Inter with teaching tools and documents to accompany the articles and news reports.

Canal+ – great video clips for listening and culture.

Les salutations – an excellent news report about the politics of different gestures of greeting in the workplace.

Marmiton – at the bottom of the page for many recipes, such as this one for a clafoutis, there are videos that are useful for teaching food-related vocabulary and partitives.

Podcast français facile – good for helping students practice their listening skills.

Frise chronologique Marguerite Duras – all the key moments of Marguerite Duras’s life on a timeline, with photos, video, and documents.